Who are we?

The GoStrengths! mission:

  • To engage and unite a community of humanoids interested in the science of well-being
  • To provide programs which tap into and unleash the natural strengths within every humanoid
  • To arm youthlings with the skill set to mitigate youth depression and anxiety
  • To deliver affordable technology which make these pursuits accessible to anyone

Chief Storyteller:

My name is Renee Jain (pronounced Ree-knee Jane) and I’m the chief storyteller here at GoStrengths! Many of the scenarios you find within the program are based on the challenges I faced while growing up.

You see, I never learned to cope with adversity-not properly, at least. I was the queen of exaggeration… little molehills in my life regularly blew up into mountains of pain and sorrow. I often suffered in silence clutching onto my motto, “No one gets it.”

I learned much later in life that people do indeed understand what kids go through when they feel anxious, depressed, misunderstood, or just plain stressed out. I learned there are effective methods to cope with problems and increase one’s resilience. I also discovered beyond the capacity to survive, it is possible to learn how to thrive. Happiness is a skill which can be practiced, and life can offer deep meaning, purpose, and joy.

With the help of Neutrino, I hope to take the lessons I have gleaned through my personal and professional experience and pass them on to as many other humanoids as possible!

Other stuff adultoids may be interested in:

Renee Jain has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as well as a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Renee is a tech entrepreneur turned positive psychology practitioner, author, and professional coach specializing in teaching resilience and happiness skills to tweens and teens. Renee has personally coached over 5,000 people on how to effectively integrate the science of resilience and happiness into their lives. Learn more about Renee here.

The team:

GoStrengths! programs have been developed by a dedicated team of mental health practitioners, animators, and professional storytellers. The organization thrives on passionate team members who continually innovate methods to deliver cutting-edge scientific principles to kids in a way which piques their engagement and capacity to learn.

GoStrengths Inc
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