What is GoStrengths!?

1. GoStrengths! is a Philosophy

GoStrengths! ascribes to an ancient philosophy of well-being whereby living a meaningful and fulfilling existence goes far beyond reducing the “bad stuff” in life. We propose even if all your problems, negative emotions, and poor circumstance just POOF disappeared, this may only take you from -10 to a 0 on a scale of well-being. To go from a 0 to +10 requires increasing the “good stuff.”

The 8 skills we focus upon (goal-setting, problem-solving, resilience, optimistic thinking, character strengths, emotional intelligence, social connections, and self-confidence) are all about reducing the bad and increasing the good!

2. GoStrengths! is a Program

The best way to learn the GoStrengths! skills is to take one of our fun, online classes. We teach you, you teach the kids.

Parents/Kids: Learn 8 skills with our instant access online courses. Learn more about our interactive course here.

Schools: Interested in teaching youthlings the 8 skills? Learn more about our SEL Programs here.

Mental health professionals: Supplement your therapeutic or coaching practice with a GoStrengths! course. Learn more about our teaching tools here.


3. GoStrengths! is a Community

At GoStrengths!, parents, teachers, and youth come together around a common pursuit: well-being. If you seek practical ways to cope with challenges and infuse goodness in your life, this is a platform to meet others of like mind.

The Blog: From scientific concepts and happiness in the news to expert guest columnists, don’t miss the latest articles.

Facebook: Yes, intergalactic travelers are now on Facebook. If you’re on FB, come hang with Neutrino here!

GoZen!: Check out our most popular program to help kids alleviate anxiety, GoZen!


4. GoStrengths! is Ever-Evolving

You’ll notice that while GoStrengths! is a playful environment, most of our material has a scientific bend. We love science! Since humanoids have a deep love of learning, new research on well-being including concepts of goal-setting, problem-solving, resilience, optimistic thinking, character strength development, emotional intelligence, social connections, and self-confidence are constantly being published. When we feel new research will be of interest or benefit the community, we update our content. (This is pretty often!)

GoStrengths! content also evolves based on community feedback. All humanoids are different and sometimes research studies-while nice in the lab-may not have the same effect in real life. We rely on feedback to provide the best possible content.


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