Sample Animation: Bad Stuff is Sticky (for kids)

Sample Animation: Negativity Bias (for adults)

Use GoStrengths! Animations to Teach
Social and Emotional Learning Skills

Are you a parent, teacher, coach, or mental health professional interested in research-based methods to teach social and emotional learning skills? GoStrengths! offers a unique educational platform to both learn and teach these skills via animation. Animations are employed as a teaching tool in all of our online programs for kids. Take advantage of our growing database of animations and courses with a GoStrengths! program.

See the GoStrengths! Animation Catalog Here!

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GoAnimation! Stats

  • Quantity: 200+ animations and growing!
  • Length: 30 seconds – 5 minutes
  • Topics: Goal-Setting, Problem-Solving, Resilience, Optimistic Thinking, Character Strengths, Emotional Intelligence, Self-confidence, Social Connections, and many more.
  • Types: Explanations, Examples, Scenarios, Quizzes, GoTools! (special tools crafted by Neutrino to explain concepts)
  • Target Audience: Kids, Adults, All ages!

What's Next?

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