What is Right with Ray and his Family?

Scene: Ray has finally run out of money and may be forced to sell his farm. Ray’s brother-in-law is trying to convince him to sell his farm while others want him to keep it as they believe, “People will come.” In the midst of everything that seems to be going wrong in Ray’s life, ask yourself what strengths you see in each of these characters. Ask yourself, what is right with this picture?

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Neutrino’s Analysis

Have you ever felt completely defeated? Haunted by what may turn out to be the biggest mistake of your life and utterly discouraged at the prospects in your future? If you haven’t, you may want to brace yourself because it’s an all-too-common occurrence in this life. And what do you do with your ambitious dreams when everyone around you is reminding you of the practical need to give it all up? This may be an important opportunity to focus on your strengths to gain a new perspective!

Strengths of Ray

Ray exhibits true courage throughout the film. In fact this is his greatest virtue. In the face of a multitude of doubts and discouragements, Ray shows unwavering persistence and bravery. He could have given up at the sight of the first or second obstacle and no one would have blamed him, but he would have missed out on an extraordinary personal journey. He is not afraid to be transparent with his family and he honestly shares his doubts and hopes and his vision for the future. His integrity brings his family together which in turn, empowers them to overcome the obstacles in their way.

Strengths of daughter Karin

Karin’s childhood innocence and trust in her father’s leadership seem to compel her to encourage him not to give up, no matter the cost. She is unfailingly optimistic and devoted to her father’s vision and her encouragement gives Ray hope.

Strengths of the family

Ray and his family are very supportive and loving. Their trust, authenticity, and relentless optimism truly brings them together and allows them to see and appreciate each other’s strengths and virtues more clearly. Because they are so close, they are not easily overwhelmed by the problems they face.

Strengths of Terrence

Terrence deeply believes in Ray’s vision and refuses to be daunted by practical matters such as overdue mortgage payments. All Terrence can see is the beauty and wonder of all that Ray has already accomplished. He paints such a vivid picture of the sense of nostalgia, peace, and childhood wonder that visitors will feel and his certainty that these visitors will gladly pay to enjoy what Ray has created is a great encouragement for Ray. Terrence’s creative thinking and unique perspective have a lasting impact on Ray and his family.

Strengths of Mark

Yes, even Mark, the brother-in-law, exhibits strengths in this clip. He values prudence and he very much hopes to inspire this strength in Ray. Mark loves Ray and his family and he believes it is in their best interest to sell the farm. In Mark’s eyes, Ray has risked just about as much as he can, especially where his family is concerned and Mark hopes that Ray will exercise some self-control and make the responsible decision.

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