What is right with David?

Defeat affects everyone. No one meets 100 percent of their expectations or potential every moment of the day. By monitoring one’s internal attitude, defeat can be replaced with success.  After David misses a field goal kick, David’s father tells him that he won’t make the kick unless he believes in himself. Ask yourself, what is right with this picture?

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Neutrino’s Analysis

Strengths of the Coach

The coach demonstrates wisdom, leadership and kindness. As he informs the team of his decision to give David the chance to make an important kick, he pats the bypassed kicker on the back. This encouraging action shows the coach’s love and humanity for the player’s feelings as he makes a leadership decision.

Strengths of the Team

The entire team exercises justice and citizenship when they unite under their coach’s leadership and trust that his judgments are best for the entire team. As team players, they support the coach’s decision to give David a chance to make the field goal. The bypassed kicker does not argue or try to make the coach change his mind. He accepts the coach’s decision with grace. Before the kick, the team works together to protect David from the opposing team’s players, and they do not treat him harshly after he misses the important kick.

Strengths of the Ball holder

The ball holder displays teamwork before the kick followed by self-control and forgiveness after the kick. As David runs onto the field in preparation to kick the ball, the ball holder encouragingly grabs the front of David’s shirt. This simple act of physical affection demonstrates the holder’s knowledge that the team’s success lies in David’s ability to decisively kick the ball without faltering or stumbling. After the missed kick, he speaks encouraging words to David despite the disappointment he must feel. He does not yell in anger or call David names. He demonstrates self-control in his actions with a forgiving attitude that indicates he is willing to help David succeed in the future.

Strengths of the audience

The audience practices vitality, perseverance, teamwork and kindness. As they cheer for David, the players and coaches feel encouraged and motivated to succeed. With optimism and enthusiasm, the audience loyally cheers their team to victory.

Strengths of David

David walks with teamwork and honesty. Despite his feelings of defeat, he honestly expresses his thoughts and feelings to his dad after the game. Obviously questioning his ability, talent and football future, he also questions the coach’s justice in allowing him to play for the team. He wants to succeed for the sake of his team instead of for his own glory, fame or recognition.

Strengths of David’s father

David’s father lives with transcendence, spiritual strength, hope, wisdom and perspective. David’s missed kick causes his dad’s shoulders to slump, yet dad does not berate or belittle his son after the game. He listens to David express his feelings before offering encouraging advice. He uses this moment of defeat to build up and encourage his son. He points beyond the physical action of the missed kick and directs David’s attention to his heart attitude. From his perspective, defeat is a matter of a person’s thoughts. David’s intentions were good, and he played his best. One failure does not define his ability, character or future.Dad understands the value of believing the positive before taking a step. Accepting or expecting defeat leads to defeat as does lack of faith in one’s ability. For victory, he challenges David to believe in himself and accent the positive aspects of his ability and character.

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