What is Right with Flint and Sam?

The Scene: Flint Lockwood and Sam Sparks have been hanging out for the last several weeks. Flint’s realized that Sam hides the fact that she’s a pretty smart person and understands science. Instead she pretends to be clueless. Flint uses the machine he invented to create a Jell-O mansion which is Sam’s favorite food! Flint … Read more

About a Boy: Marcus' Shoes

What’s right with Will?

After Marcus is harassed by his peers because of his appearance, Will buys Marcus new shoes to help him fit in. Ask yourself, what is right with this picture? Neutrino’s Analysis Will’s Strengths Marcus challenges Will to find inner strengths. Here, we immediately see a display of caring and leadership, and then, ingenuity and creativity. … Read more

Gridiron Gang

What is right with Sean and Willie?

Sean, a supervisor at a juvenile detention center, tells Willie, a juvenile inmate, that despite his father’s lack of love and acceptance, Willie still needs to forgive his father. Ask yourself, what’s right with this picture? Neutrino’s Analysis Sean’s Strengths Sometimes anger is an “outward” emotion. Sometimes it can even be useful if used constructively. … Read more

What’s right with Michel?

Here in this clip from the movie Click, Michel is given access to a moment in the past where he put his work before his family. After skipping over extended periods of his life during which his father has passed away, Michel travels back to the last time they saw each other to say goodbye. What … Read more