What is right with Marcus and Commodus?

In this clip from Gladiator, Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius informs his tortured son, Commodus, that he will not succeed his father on the throne.  Ask yourself, what is right with this picture? Neutrino’s Analysis Strengths of Emperor Marcus In choosing Maximus, a beloved general, over his own son, Marcus is in fact displaying a tremendous strength in addition … Read more

Patch Adams- Doctors

What is right with Patch Adams?

Patch gives an impassioned speech before a council of doctors about the right way to treat patients. Patch is fighting the same fight he’s been fighting his whole life: trying to convince narrow-minded authority figures that a more personal, loving, and human approach to medicine is really the only way that works. Ask yourself, what is … Read more

What is right with David?

Defeat affects everyone. No one meets 100 percent of their expectations or potential every moment of the day. By monitoring one’s internal attitude, defeat can be replaced with success.  After David misses a field goal kick, David’s father tells him that he won’t make the kick unless he believes in himself. Ask yourself, what is right with … Read more