Can You Feel Me? Empathy through Roleplay

The generation gap between parents and their children often leaves one thought on the minds of children: You don’t know what it’s like!

As adults, it’s easy to forget the trials and tribulations of childhood. This often leads to a disconnection such as the one portrayed in the scenario above. While not seeing eye-to-eye is par for a parent-child relationship, continued disconnections can lead to a larger rift. One resolution is to increase the empathy in your relationship with role-playing.

It may seem silly at first, but role-playing can open up new and unexpected dialogue between your and your kids. Role-playing allows open communication without real vulnerability or threat. In other words, it creates a safe space where dialogue and feelings open up. Start with small, simple scenarios and progress to more issues as time goes on.

Watch the video above to learn more!

1 thought on “Can You Feel Me? Empathy through Roleplay”

  1. I tried this with my daughter and we were both in stitches! It actually helped open up the conversation. I also tried it with my son, not as successfully… he was sarcastic for most of the role-playing, but I have to say, we still had a bit of a breakthrough moment. Thanks, Neutrino! 🙂


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