What is Right with Flying Steak?

After persistently disappointing his father, Flint seeks his acceptance and validation based on the success of his recent invention. Watch the brief interaction between father and son and ask yourself, what is right with this picture?

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Neutrino’s Analysis

Strengths of Flint

Flint exercises humility and temperance as he walks through the restaurant. He is upheld as a hero of sorts with people throwing compliments his way; Flint graciously acknowledges kind words, says hello, and continues walking to meet his father.

Alone with his father, Flint expresses himself with vitality. He shares the good news that the mayor asked him to cut the ribbon for the grand reopening of the town. The mayor said his invention saved the town, and Flint eagerly asks his dad, “Aren’t you proud of me?”

His dad responds with silence yet Flint continues on hopefully. He shares his passion for building an invention which delivers one pertinent thing to people: happiness. Despite the reality that some portions of happiness (steaks) are larger than others are, everyone receives something.

Flint wants to be accepted by his father for the person he is – a resourceful inventor contributing to the good of humanity.

Strengths of Flint’s Father

Flint’s father exercises keen observational skills. A man of few words, he quietly analyzes the reactions of those around him to his son and, of course, the fresh steaks slamming onto their tables. Flint’s father displays critical thinking and prudence when he suggests that Flint’s project may not be healthy for the community.

Strengths of the Community

The people freely express their gratitude toward Flint’s invention. As Flint walks past the tables, customers verbally thank him and express their appreciation for the food he has provided.

The community (sitting in the restaurant) demonstrate true zest for the falling food. As steaks interrupt their conversations, they welcome the food with enthusiasm. One woman even chuckles when a steak causes her to spill wine on herself. Another customer shows so much vitality that she bites into her fresh steak before picking up silverware!

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