Empower Students with a GoStrengths! Course

Students learn fundamental concepts of resilience and well-being with 10 interactive modules in the GoStrengths! course. Teachers love this virtual classroom as it captivates the attention of even the toughest youth audience!

Students Learn 8 Core Life Skills!

Each interactive learning module features one of eight life skills. Each skill is accompanied by a GoTool! – a fun, dynamic device which both serves as a mnemonic and empowers students to use the skill in their lives. Research-based exercises and practice activities further support each skill.

150+ Exciting Animations Engage the Toughest Audiences!

Animations come in different varieties including teaching, scenario, and quiz animations.

Sample Animation: Negativity Bias (Teach the Teachers)

ScienceGuy teaches teachers and parents about the Negativity Bias.

Sample Animation: Bad stuff is sticky (Teach the Students)

Neutrino teaches students about the negativity bias in a fun and friendly way!

Sample Animation: GoCatch Thoughts (Teach the Students)

Neutrino teaches kids about self-talk. She also offers two crucial tools in the resilience process.

Sample Animation: Strength Stories (Scenario)

Sabrina’s mom teaches her to highlight her strengths with stories from her life.

Sample Animation: What should Nelly do? (Quiz)

Nelly is going through the 5Cs of resilience. What’s her next step after GoCollect? (Answer below)

Sample Animation: Quiz Response (Quiz)

Quiz Answer: Nelly’s next step is to GoChallenge! her original thought.

Sample Animation: The 5Cs Song (For Fun!)

Watch ScienceGuy and Mr. Diddlydoo recap the 5Cs of Resilience as a song!

Practice new skills with Interactive Quizzes

After each module, there are a set of interactive quizzes and worksheets to practice the concepts.

GoStrengths! Makes it easy for Teachers

GoStrengths! makes life easier for teachers by providing:

  • Modules designed specifically for teachers to follow along with student modules
  • Quick lesson plans for each module
  • Activity worksheets for each module

Check out the Module-by-Module breakdown here!