Wherever You Go, There You Are

In 1990, mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn published Full Catastrophe Living, a guide to releasing stress in times of great challenge. A few years later, Kabat-Zinn released a follow-up to this landmark book. Named Wherever You Go, There You Are this guide was created specifically for those resistant to traditional programs. In his introduction to the book, Kabat-Zinn mentioned his desire … Read more

Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

Many people feel called to change the world and be of service to other, but they don’t know how to fulfill this calling. Well-known life coach Martha Beck shows how anyone can give to the world – while also realizing their destiny. The Big Ideas! Knowledge is power, right? Not anymore! Knowledge is easy to … Read more

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

The Big Ideas! Many difficulties in parenting can be made better by improving the way you communicate with your child. When children feel heard and validated, they become less defensive and more cooperative. Children should experience the natural consequences of misbehavior. Arbitrary punishment is a distraction from the inner process of facing one’s own behavior, … Read more

The Little Prince

At the first glance, from its packaging, tone, and treatment, The Little Prince may come across as a children’s book, and very often it’s also sold like one. However, this book is certainly also for adults. More than children, adults need to be reminded of the homilies and the simple truths about what counts and … Read more

The Happiness Hypothesis

Social psychologist, Jonathan Haidt, evaluates 10 “great ideas” on happiness expressed over time and filters them through a contemporary perspective to see if they still apply to modern life. This book is very in-depth. What we look at below only scratches the surface of the content! The Big Ideas! Humans are made up of divided “selves” which … Read more