Overcoming Depression

The Big Ideas Our brains contain two minds – an emotional mind and a thinking mind, which can increase or dampen emotion. Our brains have three major systems that regulate emotions. The drive system helps us seek out things we need, and it involves feelings of motivation, energy, and optimism. The soothing system helps us … Read more

The Art of Emotional Healing

The Big Ideas! Emotions, as a form of energy, never just disappear—they have to go somewhere! Our unwanted feelings either find a release on their own (in the form of anxiety, outbursts of anger, or depression) or settle into our bodies as pain or illness. Expressing your emotions can be difficult at first. The learning … Read more

A Whole New Mind

A Whole New Mind

Daniel Pink’s Why Right-brainers Will Rule the Future introduces a new way of achieving professional and personal success in the modern world: tap into both sides of your brain. The Big Ideas! • Although we sometimes view “right-brained” (or creative) and “left-brained” (or logical) as being opposites, the ideal way to function in today’s world … Read more

When Things Fall Apart

The Big Ideas!  Things do fall apart sometimes—stuff happens! But that’s not what defines us; it’s how we choose to react and handle the situation. We can work with chaos instead of fighting it. Groundlessness (fear, anxiety, vulnerability) feels terrible, but it’s simply a sign that you’re on the verge of a new experience. You … Read more

Happiness from the Inside Out

Based on science and Robert Mack’s personal experiences, this instruction manual offers practical advice for living a happier and healthier life. The Big Ideas! Investing your time and energy wisely pays off. Detaching your sense of happiness from the achievement of specific goals results in greater overall well being. Focusing attention on positive things helps … Read more