Living alone. . . happily

In most cultures marriage is considered sacred and, frankly, just something that you do. You were probably raised surrounded by influences which encourage you to find a mate, marry, and procreate. Without a doubt, marriage works for some people. Things are changing. In 1950, approximately 22 percent of American adults were single. Today, that number … Read more

Don’t Fall Prey to the Vicious Cycle

Recent research reveals that rekindling a romance often puts out the flame on a couple’s happiness. We’ve all been there. The dreaded cyclical relationship: break up – get back together – break up again – get… you get the picture. It’s tempting. It’s easy. It’s a slippery slope, and, while it happens to everyone, it … Read more

You Seem Happier Than Me (At Least on Facebook)

According to a study by Hui-Tzu Grace Chou and Nicholas Edge in a recent issue of “They Are Happier and Having Better Lives than I Am”: The Impact of Using Facebook on Perceptions of Others’ Lives, at least one form of social networking may not facilitate sociability after all. Facebook “friends” may not only misinterpret … Read more