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What is Neuroplasticity?

Technical Definition Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to change over time because of one’s life experiences and thinking patterns.  Brain function is not fixed; it is both malleable and adaptable to change. Huh, what does that mean? For many years, scientists believed that our brains were wired very early in life and that as … Read more

What is the Paradox of Choice?

The technical definition Researcher and author, Barry Schwartz, has made a name for himself by promoting a theory we all have experience with whether we know it or not: the paradox of choice. His theory is a simple one with far reaching impact. He proposes too many choices limits one’s freedom. Huh, what does that … Read more

What is the Negativity Bias?

The technical definition The negativity bias is the phenomena by which humans give more psychological weight to bad experiences than a good ones. In fact, some researchers assert that negative emotions have an impact close to 3x stronger than positive emotions. Huh, what does this mean? In short, “bad stuff” is stronger than “good stuff.” Subsequently, … Read more


What is Compassion?

The technical definition Compassion is the capacity to understand the emotional state of another or oneself. A truly compassionate person must become an active participant in the suffering of another. Huh? What does that mean? Have you ever seen someone who was hurting and found yourself hurting as well? Did that inward hurt prompt you to … Read more

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What is Curiosity?

The technical definition Curiosity is a strong desire to know or learn; having an interest in a person, thing, or experience that leads to making an inquiry. Huh, what does that mean? Being curious can manifest itself in the activity of asking questions, but it can also be a position from which one approaches their … Read more