self-determination theory

What gets YOU motivated?

It is time for the annual school spelling bee, and this year’s grand prizes have just been announced.  You have beaten your classmates with a flawless spelling of the word “bologna,” and you will be moving on to the final round.  Spellers from each class will compete on the huge stage in the auditorium in … Read more

Self-Compassion: Be Your Own Best Friend

“Oh Gosh, I look awful today! My hair is a mess, my face is terrible, and this outfit is hideous.” Unfortunately for Alicia, this self-deprecating conversation has become somewhat of a daily ritual. As she draws closer to her reflection, squinting her eyes to inspect the right side of her face, she can’t help but … Read more

What Do Marshmallows have to do with Success?

A typical sunny Saturday afternoon.  You’re just sitting down at your desk to get started on that pile of weekend homework when you get a call from your best friend. “Everyone is going over to swim at Josh’s house right now,” she says excitedly.  “We need to go! Get your swimsuit on and meet me … Read more

Filling in ThoughtHoles

“I didn’t get invited to Craig’s party . . . I’m such a loser.” “I missed the bus . . . nothing ever goes my way.” “My math teacher wants to see me . . . I must be in trouble.” These are the thoughts of a high school student named Jeremy. You wouldn’t know … Read more