Thought-Reaction Connections

  • In most situations, certain types of Ts (thoughts) lead to certain types of Rs (reactions) consistently!
  • This is great because if you get to know your types of thoughts, you will be able to predict your reactions.
  • These T-R connections work in reverse as well. For example, when you see a certain reaction from people around you, you will be able to guess the type of thought they were having.
  • Here is the T-R chart linking types of thoughts to types of reactions:
    • Loss of self-worth (thoughts) -> Sadness, Depression feelings & behaviors (reactions)
    • Others’ rights violated (thoughts) ->  Guilty feelings & behaviors (reactions)
    • Future threat (thoughts) -> Anxiety, Fear feelings & behaviors (reactions)
    • Negative comparison (thoughts) -> Embarrassment feelings & behaviors (reactions)
    • Positive contribution (thoughts) -> Pride feelings & behaviors (reactions)
    • Appreciation (thoughts) -> Gratitude feelings & behaviors (reactions)
    • Positive future (thoughts) -> Hope, Optimism feelings & behaviors (reactions)

T-R Connections

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