GoTools!: GoFreeze! GoGlove! Ms. Crabtree

  • Ms. Crabtree faced an activating event: Mr. Diddlydoo told her students something about her personal life. She already feels the students do not respect her, now the situation is worse.
  • Ms. Crabtree was VERY upset with Mr. Diddlydoo. To calm down, I recommended she use the GoFreeze! tool.
  • GoFreeze! is associated with taking a deep breath and calming yourself down. Any time you face an activating event, taking a deep breath is the first step.
  • Next, you will use the GoGlove! tool. This tool is to help you empathize with the people or circumstance which contributed to your activating event. In this case, Ms. Crabtree sees Mr. Diddlydoo as part of the cause of her event.
  • Once Ms. Crabtree is calm from the GoFreeze! tool, she moves on to putting on the GoGlove! It is not necessary to touch the other person with the glove. In your mind’s eye, step into the other person’s perspective. Ask yourself, what is this person thinking and what are they feeling?
  • Once calm, it was easier for Ms. Crabtree to see that Mr. Diddlydoo made a mistake and was not trying to intentionally cause her hurt or harm.